We believe that privacy and confidentiality are the core elements of
every project. And so we sign the strict non-disclosure agreement
with the employees and the clients.

With these agreements, your data will securely maintain which is long-term relationship sign with you. Your data is an encyclopedia of your business and you rely on this data for the business and so we take care of your business data by following security measures.



At Capermint, all working areas and servers are protected by software and hardware firewalls.

We always do daily scanning of all workstations and servers.

At Capermint, all communication is controlled by the highest level of protection that is especially for client’s data and intellectual property.


Fire alarms are set up across the office premises.

24*7 CCTV cameras for safety and security of workforce

For communication, there is secure access for employees and guest.

To access in office premises, use of an electronic card and bio metric security system is must for each employee.

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