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Publication Date 20 August 2021

Winning Customer: Empathy before technology

by Abhishek guha roy on January 20, August 2021

We all have seen and enjoyed more than 80% of Disney movies.

How many of us ever visited the Disney website?

Again, we all use Microsoft products in our daily lives as we breathe in and out…


Yes, you already know the question…

So you must be wondering, how is it even possible to run such billion-dollar organizations without even using a website as the key marketing tool?

The secret sauce is, the products themselves are the marketing tools for the organizations.  If you have the right solution, people will find you accordingly. So does just making the right solution is good enough?
The answer is no. There lies an entire journey to reach customer delight level of that extent where they just eagerly wait for your next upcoming solution.

Sounds like a holy grail?

Well, the holy grail of this entire process of customer acquisition for your product or service is ‘Empathy’.

Today in my “Winning Consumer” topic I will touch on the human empathy part.

An individual/organization search for a solution only when (s)he/they have a definite need/pain point. As a solution provider, you have to understand the pain point first. If you can identify it correctly, you have to project how your solution can empathetically resolve it.

Showcasing empathy through a solution

Let us take the Disney example. The iconic movie ’The Lion King’ not only is a visual delight but also backed by a great story viewed from a cub’s perspective, with which the children can instantly connect.   Look carefully and you will also find the story underlines strong morale which the parents also want their children to learn. The movie is a complete entertainment package that touches every cognitive need of a family of parents & children empathetically.

No doubt, it is still a blockbuster.

Showcasing empathy in marketing content

So now you know the secret mantra of how to empathetically package your solution offering. Let us go back to “The Lion King” movie example once more. You only know the message of the movie once you watch it. However, how would you guess the content before viewing it to trigger your interest level?
The answer is simple. Your marketing campaign should involve how your solution is capable of resolving that need of your targeted customers with the same amount of empathy. If you notice, starting from banners, trailers everywhere, the preciousness of family bonding between young Simba and his father was portrayed to create awareness. The targeted customers were families with kids and the underlying marketing message was to let them know that, watch the movie to get a feel of the ideal bonding between parents and children that you might be struggling to establish with.

We all watched the movie, right?

Empathy is the key to grabbing a consumer’s attention, while marketing technology is just an enabler to spread empathetic content to the right audience. How the right use of technology can be used to reach the right consumer and how amazing the result could be, which I shall discuss in another post.

What is your view on human empathy? Write down your comments. If you want to discuss your pain point and seeking a solution, feel free to reach me directly, 

Abhishek G Roy
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